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I’ve got a lot to say (some yet to be said!) about ADHD and life / business. Join me for my mental meanderings on this blog and reach out if you’re keen to collaborate on a feature.

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Breaking the bias in neurodiversity - Womanhood Journal 2022

In March I had the honour of being interviewed by Womanhood Journal for International Woman's Day 2022. I share an insight into my ADHD journey and what it can mean for all of us when we're ready to #BreakTheBias....

September 18, 2022

My ADHD Journey

It took me 49 years to receive a diagnosis of ADHD after which many of my own challenges suddenly made sense. Although I was brilliant at activating and motivating others, I felt a near paralysis when it came to doing what I needed to do for myself and my business unless it deeply interested me. I struggled with important but mundane tasks, not being able to apply a "just do it" ethos, and couldn't work out why. I was consistently inconsistent with things that I started unless these we...

December 3, 2021

The ADHD self-leadership pyramid

One of the best ways we can reliably thrive in the world with our ADHD is to take leadership (or ownership) of our own wellbeing. And it starts with self-prioritisation. Self-prioritisation is a dealmaker for us. While we hyperfocus on the next thing that catches our attention, or the most urgent task in front of us, our attention actually needs to be given to caring for ourselves and creating the conditions for us to thrive before we can be of value and service in the work that we do. This is p...

November 23, 2021

Getting out of the ADHD rut

One of the best things we can do for helping overcome chronic ADHD paralysis is getting a diagnosis. A diagnosis shifted my perception of the difficulty I had taking action, from one of self criticism and self loathing, to accepting that there is a good reason for my struggle. A reason based on the neurobiology of my brain. A diagnosis is one of the first critical steps we can take to changing the narrative about who we are.  When we realise we're not dealing with a character defect an...

November 20, 2021

RSD and the need to reframe your Value

Is RSD getting in the way of business development? RSD (rejection sensitivity dysphoria) is one of the most impairing parts of ADHD for 30% of adults with the condition.  RSD is part of the extreme emotional experiences that arise for people with ADHD. Having a deep emotional life and feeling intensely is common. The glass isn't half full for us, it's spilling over the top, just as much as the glass isn't just half full, it's completely empty. There's no halves with the ADHD mind.This ...

September 14, 2021

Having ADHD is a risky business, and it pays to take the risk to invest in yourself

This year I’ve invested more than I ever have in my business, and rather than a stressful parting of resources, it's been a surprising relief. A relief that I'm investing in talent and products that help me build the structures to succeed. Because one of the major insights since being diagnosed with ADHD is that a lot of what I once considered nice to have 'extras' are in fact crucial to my success. These include:An ADHD Coach and Mentor - to help me understand my ADHD brain, my challenges, my...

September 13, 2021

The paradox of "Ready"

When we are gifted with sensitivity and more susceptible to criticism, as well as dealing with a deficiency of dopamine, it is that much harder to do hard things.And we can easily be seduced into waiting for confidence or readiness. But it's not about being ready, or not confident enough... It’s about waiting to feel less fearful. Hoping to feel less fearful. We tell ourselves: I’m going to wait to feel more confident, then I’ll do it. Here's what is important to understand.. "CONFIDENCE i...

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