Having ADHD is a risky business, and it pays to take the risk to invest in yourself

This year I’ve invested more than I ever have in my business, and rather than a stressful parting of resources, it's been a surprising relief.

A relief that I'm investing in talent and products that help me build the structures to succeed. Because one of the major insights since being diagnosed with ADHD is that a lot of what I once considered nice to have 'extras' are in fact crucial to my success. These include:

An ADHD Coach and Mentor - to help me understand my ADHD brain, my challenges, my advantages, my strengths and my opportunities, and co-create tools to help me get where I want to go

A Business Consultant - to help me fine tune my messaging, online presence, and overall business strategy

A Virtual Assistant - to do all of the "easy yet difficult" jobs that my ADHD brain struggles to start let alone complete

An Accountant - because #numbers and #adhdrut

As well as tools and apps that help me "executively" function better -  e.g. journaling apps for self reflection, (a much under-utilised technique that is vital for learning, clarity and planning), scheduling apps, and diaries with religiously set reminders.

Mindfulness training - this has been especially vital to help me manage emotional flooding so I can have difficult conversations without disconnecting from people.

Financial investment is a tall order for those of you starting out on your business journey, and while bootstrapping is always an option, wise financial decisions that will help you make smart decisions, maximise your time, skills, interests and energy, and ultimately increase your income and impact, is a risk worth taking.

What’s your next “backing myself 100-friggin-percent” investment?

Annie Romanos

I'm Annie Romanos

I help business leaders and professionals turn their ADHD in a competitive advantage.


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