Hello. I’m Annie.

If you’re looking for a safe space where neurodiverse and neurotypical people are recognised, supported and empowered - then you’re in the right place.

We’re about to do some really great work together.

Working with Annie was so helpful, and over a few months helped get me from ‘stuck’ to ‘thriving’. I really appreciated her process with her initial inventory of where things are at, and then later comparing these scores to see how much progress you’ve made. Highly recommend!

- Torrance Merkle, GP

But first. Let’s start with the biggest truth of all…

You and me - we’re no cookie cutters. We're slightly odd. Quirky. Innovative. Intense. Empathic. Creative. Fast. Impatient.

How we learn, see the world, interpret, feel, and lead is not typical.

And that can be costly - to our mental health, energy, self esteem, confidence, productivity.

But here, different is good. 

And that's the starting place of our work together.

You’re here because you’re looking for a better, more authentic and sustainable way to be in the world.

A way that’s authentically yours, intentional and sustainable

I’m here to help you discover, and leverage, your unique wiring and turn this into your competitive advantage.

It’s time to step into who you are - work better, live better and be better. 

Is it really that simple?


It’s a heap of hard work. But if you’re looking for an executive and business coach who has created a safe space where neurodiverse people are recognised, supported and empowered - then you’re in the right place.

Together we’ll uncover and understand your unique wiring, grow your resilience, create tools that work for you and achieve the results you want.

My Story?

I’ve been coaching ambitious business owners, leaders and professionals since 2015, but there was always a missing link for me in my own work. 

I was underachieving. My high performing clients were surpassing me and I couldn't work out why. There was something amiss but nothing I could put my finger on. I was clearly limited. I felt a deep sense of shame.

I spent a lot of energy hiding my incompetencies. This was easy to do working for myself. But it took its toll. I felt exhausted and increasingly like a fraud. Even though "imposter syndrome" is a globally human phenomenon, hiding all my difficulties stoked my imposter. It was draining and impacting my confidence and self esteem.

Although I was brilliant at activating and motivating others, I felt a near paralysis when it came to doing what I needed to do for myself and my business unless it deeply interested me.

Then, at age 49, I received a diagnosis of ADHD - after which many of my own challenges suddenly made sense.

I now know that my lack of understanding about my brain wiring was not allowing me to be the professional I needed to be.

The first thing I did after my diagnosis was hire an Executive ADHD Coach.

Even though I'd been coaching for years, I wasn't aware that ADHD-specific coaches existed. I learned that there is a whole sub-specialty of coaching that exists for professionals and entrepreneurs with differently wired brains. Because my ADHD had been the missing link in my progress, I wanted to get the best possible support I could find. I hired a brilliant and experienced Executive ADHD coach.

Today I’m taking what I’ve learnt (and am still learning) and supporting other professionals and business leaders with ADHD to step into who they are and thrive.

Your ADHD is your competitive advantage.

My coach approach

Connection, perspective, empowerment, and understanding your unique brain wiring.

My coaching space is truly neuro-inclusive. What does that mean?
It means this is one place you can take off your mask, let go of perfectionism and not worry about performance. Come as you are, your unique, quirky, brilliant you. Perhaps your burnt-out and overwhelmed you. 

I take the time to listen, to understand who you are, why you’re here, where you’re at and where you want to be.

Together, we’ll work on the Project of You. With my support, you'll meet your challenges, uncover your strengths and evaluate what's getting in the way of leveraging your potential.

Supported by the latest neuroscience, and best practice in ADHD coaching, you can succeed in a way that's deeply personal and much much more sustainable.

“Annie has coached me for the past 3 years, and she is truly excellent at it.” 

- Stephanie Jones
People Experience Specialist, Facilitator, Coach & Strategist

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