Hey, I’m Annie.

I've got ADHD.
I'm also an Executive & Business Coach, ADHD Champion & Changemaker.

I work with mission-driven, neurodiverse and neurotypical professionals to leverage their unique wiring, step into who they are and thrive.

New! Group Coaching Programme for professionals with ADHD

 Next group starting MAY 2024

Join our 8 week personal and professional development programme for bright sparks with ADHD.

Leverage off the good stuff that having ADHD can be, while learning how to manage the challenges, and practice new skills to enhance your professional and personal life - with others who get it.

Take the ADHD inventory

Take stock of where your ADHD/Executive Functioning impacts your life and work and, the good news, where and how you can make some changes right now!

Who you really are is the one thing you own and the one thing that makes you different.

Work with me to understand your unique wiring, how to do the work that matters most, and create new strategies and habits to achieve the wellbeing and results you want.

Learn how to turn your ADHD into your competitive advantage

Your brilliant brain is uniquely yours. Together we’ll understand how your ADHD plays out for you, identify your strengths and create bespoke support structures and plans to achieve your goals.

Create and take powerful actions to lead and succeed in life and business

Quite simply, you + me = results. Together we’ll understand where you’re at and where you want to go. When you grow, so does your life and business. Are you ready to rise up and take control?

In the news and interviews

"The dark side to remote and hybrid working can really affect those of us with ADHD"

... But the concept of ‘body doubling’ is nothing new: People are more likely to stay focused on work if they know others are keeping an eye on them. I spoke with Susana Lei'ataua on RNZ's Sunday Mornings, about the principle and its link to ADHD treatment.  

"I’ve literally got reminders in my house. In my office here, by the coffee machine. [Managing ADHD] is about accepting that this is a mercurial condition. It’s going to be up, it’s going to be down. And so I go as far as asking myself questions on these reminder notes: “Annie, where are you at in the [adhd] cycle?” It’s about disrupting the adhd symptoms - and visual disrupters are a really powerful tool for those of us with ADHD."

It was awesome to speak with ADHD podcaster Katy Weber about underachievement, ADHD as a woman GenXer, strategies like self-enquiry and ways to 'disrupt' paralysis and rumination, and the value of the Māori definition of ADHD "Aroreretini".

“[bodydoubling].. can be really anchoring for an ADHD person, particularly if they’re hyperactive. So that’s physically anchoring, but also anchoring in terms of attention.”

I spoke with NZ Herald about the struggle with task initiation for those of us with ADHD... sharing how it can be described as a wall of resistance, which sometimes feels like a “physical paralysis”.

Hear me get ADHD enthusiastic with fellow neurodivergent and podcaster, George Nursey. We geek out on the advantages of a late diagnosis, the effects of medication on disrupting negative self-appraisal, and the importance of neuro-diversity in schools, workplaces, and society as a whole. Just like bio-diversity!

Coast Access Radio's Nikki and I sat down to chat about the exciting evolution that needs to happen in workplaces so they can retain more brilliant, interesting talent, and have a competitive advantage.

Here I was, almost 50. That moment of relief. Finally, many of my own challenges made sense.

I’ve been coaching ambitious business owners, leaders and professionals since 2015, but there was always a missing link for me in my own work. 

Then, at the age of 49, I received my diagnosis of ADHD. And everything changed.

Let’s keep in touch

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