Hey, I’m Annie!

Executive & Business Coach, ADHD Champion & Changemaker

I work with mission-driven, neurodiverse and neurotypical professionals to leverage their unique wiring, step into who they are and thrive.

Wondering if coaching with Annie is right for you?

Who you really are is the one thing you own and the one thing that makes you different.

Work with me to understand your unique wiring, grow your resilience, and create lifelong tools and habits to achieve the results you want.

Learn how to turn your ADHD into your competitive advantage

Your brilliant brain is uniquely yours. Together we’ll understand how your ADHD plays out for you, identify your strengths and create bespoke support structures and plans to achieve your goals.

Create and take powerful actions to lead and succeed in life and business

Quite simply, you + me = results. Together we’ll understand where you’re at and where you want to go. When you grow, so does your life and business. Are you ready to rise up and take control?

Working with Annie for the past 6 months has been a defining factor and THE game changer for my own personal growth which has reflected in my business growth. Since being coached by Annie I have turned my passion into the most rewarding, phenomenal, authentic, EPIC business where everyday I get to do what I love, yet continue to be pushed outside my comfort zone.  When I grow, so does my business.

-Elise Niu

Here I was, almost 50. That moment of relief. Finally, many of my own challenges made sense.

I’ve been coaching ambitious business owners, leaders and professionals since 2015, but there was always a missing link for me in my own work. 

Then, at the age of 49, I received my diagnosis of ADHD. And everything changed.

My vision is a world in which each and every human being is connected with their "who". Because who you really are – before the Why and the How – is the key to living your most brilliant, connected, and real self. And when you know your "who" you will play in the zone of thriving, excelling and succeeding, no matter what you do.

I host regular conversations with courageous, inspiring fempreneurs who have created amazing businesses based on their 'who', so you're inspired to do 100% you in your life and business...

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