The paradox of "Ready"

When we are gifted with sensitivity and more susceptible to criticism, as well as dealing with a deficiency of dopamine, it is that much harder to do hard things.

And we can easily be seduced into waiting for confidence or readiness.

But it's not about being ready, or not confident enough...

It’s about waiting to feel less fearful. Hoping to feel less fearful. We tell ourselves: I’m going to wait to feel more confident, then I’ll do it.

Here's what is important to understand.. "CONFIDENCE is a result not a PRE-REQUISITE"

What that means is that confidence develops through doing the things, no matter how imperfect or scary it feels. It's a result of doing. It's never going to develop through sheer will.

What are you not doing today because you are waiting to “feel ready” or more confident?
What could this be COSTING you? Emotionally, mentally and financially even?!
And I challenge you: go do the things you’re waiting to feel confident to do. Because the only time we have is now. And your confidence (and your business) depends on your willingness to take action.
Less Perfectionism, more Actionism.

Annie Romanos

I'm Annie Romanos

I help business leaders and professionals turn their ADHD in a competitive advantage.


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