My coach approach

Powerful conversations creating exceptional results

Why coaching?

Coaching is a unique human relationship. There are few other relationship dynamics with such a high level of trust, openness, goodwill, vulnerability, honesty and creativity in a bid to propel you forward to where you want to be.

These are some of the common challenges I’ve helped my clients overcome:

  • Learning to apply their neuro-differences as strengths in their work

  • Creating a journey-map when they’ve needed to pivot

  • Improving decision-making capabilities, especially with responsibility

  • Increasing confidence in areas they’re required to excel in

  • Improving their self awareness and self esteem

  • Managing intense emotions for wellbeing

  • Managing intense emotions to be able to have difficult conversations

  • Healing from and preventing overwhelm and burnout

  • Addressing Imposter syndrome

  • Learning to be visible and 'sell' in ways that are congruent with who they are

  • Improving employee relationships and performance

If you’re ready to uncover and unleash your infinite potential so you can achieve, succeed and lead in life and business, then 1:1 Coaching is for you.

Step into who you are and thrive

Work with me to understand your unique wiring, grow your resilience, create tools that work for you and achieve the results you want.

Learn how to turn your ADHD into your competitive advantage

Executive & Business ADHD Coaching

Your brilliant brain is uniquely yours. Together we’ll understand how your ADHD plays out for you, identify your strengths and create bespoke support structures and plans to achieve your goals.

Create and take powerful actions to lead and succeed in life and business

Executive & Business Coaching

Quite simply, you + me = results. Together we’ll understand where you’re at and where you want to go. When you grow, so does your life and business. Are you ready to rise up and take control?

After coaching with Annie I know who I am and what I contribute, and most importantly where I am heading. I’ve increased my visibility, developed a ‘brand’ and know my behaviours as a leader are improving constantly. I found the experience working with Annie almost magical. She has an incredible ability to guide without feeling forced, and I was astounded by how far I came in such a short time. I put Annie’s skills as a coach at the very centre of this and have recommended her to many others.

 - Sarah Hopkinson, Education Consultant

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