Coaching for Business Owners, Leaders and Professionals

Step into you who are and thrive.

Create and take powerful actions to lead and succeed in life and business

Quite simply, you + me = results. Together we’ll understand where you’re at and where you want to go. When you grow, so does your life and business. Are you ready to rise up and take control?

I completed a coaching programme with Annie and I can confidently say that I am a changed person. When I started coaching I had no set direction in my work as creative freelancer, but now I have a strong direction, a business plan, an understanding of myself and how I am able to work towards that goal, as well as an awareness of my own personal pitfalls and the tools to avoid them or work with them.

- Rachel Dickinson

You’re here because you’re ready to do business your way.

You want to…

  • Be in a business you want to be in, rather than a business you resent
  • Be able to have sales conversations that are fun (yes, fun!) and effortless
  • Be able to stand out in your competitive and saturated industry
  • Be able to have courageous conversations that move the needle for you and your business
  • Be able to make great decisions that are right for you, not someone else

Working with me as your coach is like having a silent work-life partner.

I want you to courageously and confidently step into who you are and succeed.

Together we’ll set the course you want to take and create the incremental steps to get there. I’ll be your sounding board in the chaos of information overload, allowing you to get out of your head and into reality. 

My job as your coach is to help you remember and feel your power. To uncover and unleash your infinite potential. It’s a safe, trustworthy relationship where you are deeply heard and seen

Coaching isn’t about anyone else, except you (oh, and your clients.)

Who you are. Who they are. What you do best. Who you do your best with. What you can let go of. It’s about you taking action. Defining your most powerful actions, doing them and seeing your satisfaction and income soar.

Here's how we make it happen

1 ~ Uncover

your true purpose and align it with your vision so that you can start living with intention

2 ~ Stop

self-imposing beliefs and limits that keep you settling for less than what you truly deserve

3 ~ Lay

the core foundations of legacy that you can be absolutely proud of

4 ~ Unleash

your unique strengths and learn how to effectively leverage them to grow your business

5 ~ Start

with who, unleash your inner calling, and achieve your dreams for your life and business

6 ~ Learn

how to push yourself out of your comfort zone so that you can start crushing your bigger goals consistently

7 ~ Indentity

your exact success factors, so that you can effortlessly attract ideals clients into your business

8 ~ Become

brutally and beautifully honest with yourself and make wise decisions that are right for your business

9 ~ Unleash

your inner sales guru and ask for what you really want (including those high-ticket prices)

Let’s Chat

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