Burning the f*** out? You get to choose!

There’s two things I see in myself and others, consistently.

  1. We get to choose in business.
  2. We forget this.

I’ve had a big few weeks. Nah, months. In creation mode, launching a new podcast, re-branding and launching a new website, creating videos and other content. In amongst, traveling from NZ to the States for professional development. The prep for that. The clients. The regular behind the scenes stuff in my biz.

I’ve been at the computer a lot. And this had me at the chiropractor with a bad neck and back. Creating a standing desk arrangement because I couldn’t sit down at the laptop without wheat packs and hot water bottles against my lower back and around my shoulders and neck. I had a consistent cold and cough for weeks. I burnt the midnight candle. Getting up at 5am for calls on the other side of the world.

And then naievely wondered: why why why, is this happening to me?

And especially wondering, why why why is this happening to me WHEN I RUN MY OWN BUSINESS AND I GET TO CHOOSE!!!

Ding dong!

It’s the trap of the entrepreneur.

We get into business because we want to make the rules.

But then so so easily forget we have this freedom. We get trapped by our own demands. The rules we place on ourselves! We overwork, fail to outsource, do the long hours…

We forget. We get to choose.

So. Take-a-breath.

Remember. Right now. You get to choose. It’s your gig.

Are there any decisions or actions right now that you could alter to serve you better?

Is there anything right now that doesn’t serve you? 

Could you do things a different way?

Remember. You get to choose.

Annie x

PS: Helping my clients remember they have 100% choice is one of my superpowers. You can book a time with me HERE to find out how we can do that together. I give you 45 minutes of my time and I serve my ass off 😉