Episode 4: Lian Brook-Tyler

"Noticing our feelings helps guide our decisions, in business and in life"

Lian is a co-founder of the education platform Primal Happiness and the host of the weekly top 10 ranked iTunes happiness podcast The Primal Happiness Show. Lian was lucky to have had an amazingly happy upbringing, bursting with love and adventure. And then 18 years ago, she was attacked - which resulted in chronic facial pain, massive panic attacks and anxiety. This started a long search for relief from her emotional and physical pain... she tried traditional medicine and then most types of self-help and woo. Nothing helped. Until she discovered the innate nature of happiness, why we lose it and how we can reclaim it … and her anxiety, fears, limitations, and even the chronic pain dropped away!

In this episode you'll hear about Lian's pivot from a leadership role in corporate to entrepreneurship, creating a hugely popular podcast and coaching practice. She's a curious questionner with an infectious positivity that shines through. You'll also hear about what one of her biggest tools and guides in business and life are: her feelings. I think you'll love this episode. 


  • The difference between 'doing' and 'being' in our work
  • The role that thought plays in creating our reality, which is a "superpower in business"
  • How our desires are one of the single biggest indicators of who we really are
  • There's vital information in our feelings, and we're meant to notice them, use them, and live by them.
  • Feelings are one of our superpowers, particularly as women in business. 



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