The paradox of ready

Waiting to feel ready or more confident? Are you waiting to feel ready or more confident to do certain things in and for your business? Like

  • posting a piece of writing on your blog
  • going LIVE on Social
  • recording a video
  • joining a networking group/going to a conference (especially if you're an introvert!)
  • doing that talk
  • putting your rates up
  • launching that new programme
  • starting that new business
  • having that risky conversation
  • promoting your website
  • inviting a big name on your show/guest blog etc
  • inviting someone to collaborate
  • having an enrolment conversation and making a sale?!
  • reaching out to someone "cold"?

Here’s what I think.

It’s not about being ready or not confident enough.

It’s about waiting to feel less fearful. Hoping to feel less fearful. We tell ourselves: I’m going to wait to feel more confident, then I’ll do it.

It can look like Perfectionism even. That’s what we also tell ourselves. It kinda feels more noble and professional than downright scared. And we all know about perfectionism, especially Liz Gilbert, who says the P word is nothing short of fear dressed up in a mink coat and fancy shoes (probably Manolo Blahnik’s, those ones with the red heels, you know em?).

If I was waiting to feel ready, I wouldn’t have:

  • launched my coaching business
  • done a talk to 50+ women last year
  • put my prices up by several thousand
  • showed up LIVE on FB
  • recorded an evergreen video
  • taken on a client I felt intimidated by
  • voiced the elephant in the room in numerous coaching sessions - which had the client getting incredible results
  • invested the most I've ever done so in my biz (and taken out a loan to do it).

So I want you to know a piece of wisdom that profoundly changed things for me over the past 2 years.

And that is.


I’m not going to pretend they are my words (they’re Rich Litvin’s).

But they’re words that I have made mine.

So I want to ask you:

What are you not doing today because you are waiting to “feel ready” or more confident?

What could this be COSTING you? Emotionally, mentally and financially even?!

And I (lovingly) challenge you: go do the things you’re waiting to feel confident to do. Because the only time we have is now. And your confidence (and your business!) depends on your willingness to take action.

Less Perfectionism, more Actionism (that IS my word!)


PS: Helping women in business brave up to take action (and increase their confidence) is one of my superpowers. You can book a time with me HERE to find out how we can do that together. I give you 45 minutes of my time and I serve my arse off 😉