Take the risk to invest in yourself

I’ve just invested more than I ever have in my business. But I’m smiling.

Business is a game. If you choose to see it that way. That doesn’t mean it’s about being an arsehole, or not doing your absolute best, or not respecting people, and under-delivering. No, none of that.

But it’s about understanding, that outside of the corporate box, we have the scope of experimentation that doesn’t exist nearly as much in a 9-5.

In business, we draw the box. Or rather, the circle, star or diamond. Or none of those.

In business, we take the risks. We mess up. See what works. What doesn’t work. And course correct.

In business, we need to be agile and tenacious all at once.

So, a scary-exciting investment in my self and what i do, 100% backing my ability to deliver and play bigger, one step at a time. Using my gifts, all of me, in this world. I love pushing away the safety net.

Or as Julia Cameron says “Leap and the net will appear”.

What’s your next “backing myself 100-friggin-percent” investment?