Fire your inner teen & her mirror and re-instate your brave boss woman

Brave Boss Woman - Annie Romanos

The other day while journaling, I asked myself “Annie, who do you want running your business?” That 14 year old school girl who obsessed about others’ opinions of her? Or that brave boss woman, who knows herself, and who’s here on this earth to use her talents, make a difference and get paid for it? When we’re that concerned about … Read More

The Business 12 Step Programme

12 Step Business Programme - Annie Romanos

No not AA or NA… 12 steps to success for peeps with services. I normally scoff at anyone who uses “steps” in an attempt to sell something, INCLUDING MYSELF. I’m guilty of it. The inference is, if you just do THIS, you’ll get THAT. Asides from the argument that not one size fits all – one person’s formula is another … Read More

5 things you need to do to change career

There’s some prep you can do right now if you have been procrastinating on making a career change, that will help you make the right decision for who you really are. A lot of my clients seek me out because they “fell” into their careers – based on others’ expectations of them, or following their peers into a sector, education … Read More

The most important thing I’ve learned about confidence

Confidence. You can’t wait for it. You need to cultivate it. Last Thursday I did a Facebook Live video on the importance of knowing who we really are. It was scary. I had butterflies and a cotton wool mouth. I had lots of thinking about what could go wrong and how I might come across. Because the thing about Facebook Live … Read More