Fire your inner teen & her mirror and re-instate your brave boss woman

Brave Boss Woman - Annie Romanos

The other day while journaling, I asked myself “Annie, who do you want running your business?”

That 14 year old school girl who obsessed about others’ opinions of her?

Or that brave boss woman, who knows herself, and who’s here on this earth to use her talents, make a difference and get paid for it?

When we’re that concerned about ‘me’ we’ll always struggle. When the mirror is facing inwards, we’re caught in an ego storm that stops us from helping, serving, offering, sharing our talents. When the mirror is facing towards us, we sit there, doubting our talents, our good-enoughness, our value…

Days turn into weeks, into months… and still we haven’t shown up or spoken up…. and our bank account reflects that.

You can’t help others if you have the mirror turned inwards.

You can’t make money if you’re constantly looking in the metaphorical mirror.

If it hasn’t already, it will hit you over the head like a piece of 4 x 2 wood, that you literally cannot afford to obsess about yourself, how you come across, what you sound like.

Cos this is the trap of looking in the mirror:

“she hasn’t replied to my email, she doesn’t like me”

“I haven’t heard back, if I chase him, he’ll think I’m being pushy”

“I can’t say that, it’s too edgy, I’ll lose clout”

“I can’t do that video, people will see me and criticise me”

“I can’t make that call out of the blue, what will she think of me?”

Me, me, me, me, me. Yawn.

If this describes you, you need to fire your inner teenager and her mirror, and re-instate your brave boss woman.

Your brave woman listens.

She’s others-focused.

Your brave woman cares more about being of use rather than speculating on her worth.

Your brave woman is more interested in doing her work in the world, rather than tending to her own ego.

Your brave woman is bold. She’s a leader, with a strong back and soft heart.

Your brave woman is an action taker of all things business-generating, rather than whiling away the hours of the day doing menial tasks.

Your brave woman knows that she can’t be of value if she lets her self-obsessed, unconfident teen take control.

Self-obsessed teen in charge = epic fail.

Brave, change making woman of substance = business growth.

Who do you want in charge?

Annie ❤️

PS: Helping women in business brave up to take action (and increase their confidence) is one of my superpowers. You can book a time with me HERE to find out how we can do that together. I give you 45 minutes of my time and I serve my arse off 😉