Build your business one relationship at a time

Build your business one relationship at a time - Annie Romanos

I’ve been thinking about the folk who quit their businesses or who don’t make it. Especially those with service businesses like coaches, change-makers, therapists, nutritionists, trainers, and so on.

All the noise out there, about what is needed to get clients.

All the tech that’s supposedly required.

All.the.things we “need” to have in place to have a business – before there’s any clients…

The hours spent researching these options….. hours that could be spent getting into relationship with people, making a difference, and translating this into a paid relationship.

Instead, here’s what we often obsess about, which leads to no business….

  • A website. Which one? Weeks spent deciding… Wix, Squarespace, WordPress etc
  • Logo. Which one is an expression of me? What font, is it a signature or an icon, which icon expresses me?
  • Online calendar. Calendly? Acuity? Bookme? I’ll go and trial them all…
  • Copy and messaging that’s perfect for my brand, before I have any clients..
  • The right webinar software. Now that’s a mindfuck. Clickfunnels? Which funnel?!
  • Which app for my non-existent email list? Let me ponder that for a few weeks before I even have anything to say or send.
  • Which online payment & invoicing platform? Stripe? PayPal? Paymark? Xero?

It pains me to think that talented people get caught up in the noise of the online world. Distracted by the things they’re told they need to have a business.

When in fact, business is one relationship at a time.

Not one gadget or app at a time.

One relationship at a time.

Or as one coach said, “high touch vs high tech”.

The sooner you move out from behind these time-wasting conundrums, the faster your business will grow.


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