Episode 9 – Christine Sheehy

Secrets to being visible from a lawyer turned copywriter

Christine Sheehy is a messaging coach, copywriter and author who loves to help entrepreneurs bring who they are into what they do (which is what this podcast is ALL about!). She helps people find their core message, rediscover their authentic voice, share their brand stories, show up boldly and engage their audience, so they can grow their tribe and business. 

A former media lawyer, Christine now writes, dreams, works (and persistently tries and fails to give up coffee) from a seaside village near Matakana, New Zealand.


  • The fear many of us have around letting a “market” go in order to niche
  • How our niche is often hiding in plain sight
  • Visibility relies on owning the power in your work and understanding the impact you make
  • Owning compliments is imperative for us in order to own our power - we need to practice receiving compliments if we’re going to show up and be visible
  • The power of journalling to help us be more visible
  • And more tips from Christine to help us show up and be visible
  • The importance of "play" in our businesses - dropping perfectionism, because people crave real and human
  • Being a role model as a mother who is empowered in her work life



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