Episode 7 – Melissa Black Ford

Mastering sales through profound service

Melissa Black Ford is a seasoned business and life coach. She started her career as a lawyer, and moved into business for more satisfaction and fulfilment. Yet for years she struggled with the same fears and self-doubts that keep so many of us from being successful. However that changed when she finally learned how to master sales through what she calls "profound service" allowing her to build a prosperous business and live a more loving and inspired life.

In this episode you'll hear Melissa's take on "profound service", how that changed everything for her, what that means to be in service, and how she does that, to help you increase your income and grow your business by taking the "salesy" completely out of sales. This episode is especially hot for you coaches out there.


  • How Melissa struggled to get clients, fill workshops, make money – and what her problem really was

  • The first thing you need to do to shift this if you are in this position too

  • Melissa's definition of service, and it's not about infinite giving, manipulation or a tool to "get something"

  • How to shift from service to a paid relationship

  • How all conversations are a chance to grow your network, especially in the long term relationship game of coaching



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