Episode 6 – Colette Reilly

The easiest way to stay resourceful in your business is to be you. It's the most energy efficient state to be in

Colette Reilly runs a coaching practice out of Paisley, just outside Glasglow. She brings the power of playfulness to stressed out entrepreneurs and executives, as well as co-directing a social enterprise inspiring young people through life coaching.

Colette is passionate about the powerful ripple effects of bringing an entrepreneurial approach to life and work. She fell into helping people after completing a degree in Sociology and doing a brief stint as a florist ("I was a shit florist"). Fundamentally she's curious, and after working for years as a career advisor, she is now an expert at bringing the best out in people.

In this episode you'll hear Colette give you plenty to ponder on if your life or business isn't aligned with who you really are. She gives some brilliant tips on how to handle the problem of having to wear all the hats as a new solo-business owner, plus what to do if you "can't afford" what you need. Colette is infectiously optimistic. I really enjoyed this episode. We even talked about big-girl panties (and they ain't the g-string type!)


  • Why knowing your values is a fundamental starting point in business

  • Why you need to explore the things you have no resistance to

  • Why being fed up is good news!

  • Why you need to know what you suck at

  • Why you need to know where you’re  not  motivated



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