Episode 15 Lorrin Maughan


Lorrin is a Life Coach and Certified Practitioner in the Equine Gestalt Coaching Method.

Lorrin Maughan is a Gestaltist who helps people take care of their “unfinished business” so they can get on with driving positive and compassionate change in the world.

Lorrin and her equine partners, Gift and Fella, empower individuals and groups to heal trauma, build resilience, and eliminate toxic belief systems.

Whether you advocate for social justice, or are striving to create compassionate and inclusive workplace cultures, Lorrin will help you bring your most integrated and healthy self to your cause.

Lorrin currently lives in Washington State with her equine and feline family members, Gift, Fella, Jasper, Morris, and Piper.



  • Being addicted to success in your JOB, and being a workaholic and heading towards burnout. Plus how it feels to be a small cog in a large organization. And how that can weigh on you.

  • Wanting to have the freedom to help people through your work in the WAY that you want to. What legacy will you leave in this world?

  • Being an entrepreneur is not right for everyone.

  • Is your belief system your own or has it been fed to you by someone else?

  • Learning to understand when you are in alignment

  • How horses can help people to relax, get in tune with their creativity and insight (after they’ve been stuck in a culture of busyness).

  • How a connection with an animal helps you process your emotions.

  • Learning to understand how our bodies are expressing emotion in addition to verbalizing them.

  • Transitioning from corporate life to entrepreneur and running your own business.  There is a freedom to it, but you also need to have constraints. Constant learning how to do everything, who can I get help from, developing the self discipline to get things done.

  • The impatience of an entrepreneur striving for success. But needing to do the ground work to make your business work or the wheels fall off. Many new entrepreneurs don’t realize how much work is involved in the background of running a business and networking and marketing.

  • Being honest with yourself about what you are good at and being open to outsourcing the other tasks to maximize the time you can spend on more income producing activities. Thinking of it as an investment as opposed to a cost.

  • What is the conversation you want to have in the world.

  • How the ‘ideal client avatar’ exercise does not work for everyone.

  • Playing the long game in your business and understanding that you should be getting rid of the “I can’t afford it” mindset to help your business grow.

  • How our biggest challenge in business is actually ourselves, our mindsets, belief systems and unfinished stories.

  • How starting and growing a business will be the biggest and hardest personal development course that you will ever do. A fast-track to maturity.

  • What stops you talking to people about your business and products and services?

  • “It’s not up to you, to decide what’s valuable for somebody -  it’s up to you to offer it, and for them to see the value.

  • Replacing the word  ‘value’ with something that works better for you personally.

  • How every business owner should have a coach of some sort, a business coach, an accountability coach, a mentor, a coaches coach.



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