Episode 14 Elise Niu

Elise Niu - Transforming Aotearoa

Elise Niu is a personal trainer, health & wellness entrepreneur and speaker.

After leaving National representative sport nine years ago she turned her focus to functional fitness & strength training, and set up Functional Hiit in 2017. Membership grew so fast that she outgrew the original gym she began her business in. She now has her own studio, offers online nutrition and bootcamp courses, and is in the process of launching a line of active-wear for pregnant mums.

Elise is passionate about service and is dedicated to creating and nurturing communities and she won the Electra People’s Choice Business Award in 2018.

Elise lives on the Kapiti Coast, NZ with her spunky husband Ray and their four beautiful children. She is on a mission to make Aotearoa the most happiest, active place on the planet!

Elise Niu - Transforming Aotearoa


  • Building your business on who YOU are.

  • How to fast-track your success using your connections and your network.

  • Using a positive outlook on life to enhance your own life and lives of others too.

  • The ‘stink stories’ that you don’t even realise are playing the back of your mind. And using a coach to overcome those hidden stories and self doubt that prevent you playing to your full potential in business and life.

  • Cutting the cord of the story that you are ‘not good enough’ because of your culture or background. Then dropping your victim mentality to move forward.

  • Being proud of being a Maori businesswoman in New Zealand and generating new pathways and vision for Maori entrepreneurs.

  • How competition is vital to drive you to do more and be more. And using adversity of the past to fuel for empowerment for yourself and others.

  • Dropping the fear of failure . How ‘failing’ at school is not a barrier to success in life. Failure should be viewed as a lesson.

  • The importance of your support network, as well as every connection you have made contributes to your success or failure in life.

  • How social or emotional intelligence is a powerful tool in business.

  • Being of service to others, and not underestimating the pure joy and satisfaction that you can gain from that.

  • How to succeed in business with four kids and a husband who was battling drug addiction.

  • Letting comments like ‘you can’t do that’, or ‘why are you doing this?’  fire you up to prove them wrong.

  • Empowering our daughters that we can be strong and successful and create our own futures, and change the tired old narratives.

  • Making 7 revenue streams from your original business idea and executing your ideas as opposed to leaving them as great ideas or dreams that you never tried. (Start before you are ready).



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