Episode 13 Marina Pearson

Effortless Living with Marina Pearson

Bestselling author, speaker and specialist in transforming from stress into effortless living.

Marina is a Mama, Bestselling author, Investor, Joy of Being Podcast Host and Joyriding Retreat Facilitator. Aside from being on ITV This Morning, Marie Claire, The Guardian and The Daily Mail she lives her life working on projects that light her up.

When Marina isn't spending time with her son at the beach in Javea Spain (where she lives) she is running exclusive Joyriding Retreats in Spain for women/mums in business who want to ditch the overwhelm. Or else she is overseeing her investments, or hosting her Joy of Being Podcast where she interviews transformation professionals, business owners and creatives on how to live a life and business that they can really enjoy.

Effortless Living with Marina Pearson


  • Over focusing on a 6 figure business instead of focusing on being happy.

  • Feeling unsatisfied by where you are in your life and business.

  • The illusion that you are less-than others vs the reality of what you already have and where you are actually at.

  • How you can feel and be successful in your life and career, even if you don't have a 6 figure income.

  • The light-bulb moment when you realise you don't NEED to be financially free to be happy. You can be happy right now.

  • We are educated our whole lives to make money, as opposed to collecting assets.

  • The importance of creating an income that can support you, give you assets or give you freedom.

  • Focusing on what sort of lifestyle you want and then figuring out how your business fits within it.

  • How the amount of hours you work is not correlated to the results that you get.

  • Great ideas or solutions come more easily to you when you are in a relaxed, happy, peaceful mind state.

  • Giving yourself permission to be, to stop, to slow down, to take time out from your business.

  • Enjoying your time out without stressing about 'getting stuff done'.

  • Challenging yourself to check out from your business emails and social media so that you have quality time-out.

  • What would life look like if you just did what you liked - right now?

  • How can we experience the joy that we seek and have the quality of life that we want.



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