Episode 11 Shelley Paxton

From corporate America liberating brands, to a business of liberating souls

After 27 years as a highly regarded leader stewarding some of the world’s most iconic brands - Harley-Davidson, Visa and McDonalds to name a few - Shelley walked away from it all to nurture her creative soul and discover her true purpose. She called the 16-month journey her Soulbbatical. Not only did it change her life as she says “becoming who I am”, it became her passionate calling.  In 2018, Shelley launched Soulbbatical Coaching + Consulting with the mission to activate the souls of leaders and organizations, inspiring them to realize their greatest purpose, potential and impact. Since then, she has been doing deep, purpose-driven work with individuals and companies like Lowe’s Companies, Inc. In this podcast we talk about her journey from a successful corporate career to being a one-woman band.


  • How Shelley had everything she wanted in her corporate career except the one thing that is most important to her

  • Just because you’re good at it, it doesn’t mean it makes you happy

  • How it’s important to be honest with ourselves about what success means and feels like to us

  • Soul leadership, what that is and why it is important

  • One of the most initial important things you can do when you start your business

  • A really simple exercise to find out what you really want and get at the heart of what motivates you

  • A really key part of being confident - and it’s something you can do right now

  • Client creation is an inevitable series of “no’s”, and it’s about embracing that



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