Episode 9 Kaela Gedda

What I learnt from doing a FB Live for 90 days

Kaela Gedda is an Ontological Life Coach and her jam is supporting trailblazing entrepreneurs who are up to big things. She trained through Accomplishment Coaching and Health Coach Institute’s Holistic MBA and also holds a BA in English and Communication. Kaela plays in the arena of possibility, and holds space for others to do the same in her unique way. She’s a green juice and pure barre junkie, and lives in Wisconsin with her partner and her puppy Murray who is the best thing in her life since sliced bread (gluten free & vegan, of course!)

One of the inspiring things about Kaela is she is a perfect example of getting paid to be 100% herself, and in this conversation we talk about a bunch of juicy stuff, particularly her recent commitment to posting a live video on Facebook every single day for 90 days straight. Yes! I just said that! And she did that! We talk about what it took to show up every day, and what her learnings about herself and her biz have been as a result, as well as the impact it has had on growing her business.


  • How through working with the “wrong” people, Kaela discovered her ideal clients and niche
  • How she grew her fan base, clients and business so fast
  • The gift of giving masses of value upfront
  • The power of vulnerability, and how that creates transformation
  • Why quick action is necessary for achieving big things
  • The reason behind a 90-day commitment
  • The FB Live experiment and what it taught Kaela about herself, and her ability to complete bigger goals that she would ever have dreamed of
  • Taking “good enough” to the next level
  • What’s possible when we give ourselves permission to “take up space”
  • The importance of play in creating her ideal business and life, and her allergy to hustle!



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