I absolutely adore your work Annie, you are just the right mix of down to earth authenticity and aspirational polish. Your relentless focus on action and results combined with your supportive and encouraging style is super helpful!


Annie you create a powerful, loving and safe space for transformationI have so much gratitude and respect for you valuable work. I have already and will continue to recommend your coaching services far and wide.


Such a positive and rewarding experience. I've gained confidence to know I have the skills to do the job. Confidence to have an opinion and speak up. Confidence to know I am making good decisions and following through with them.


I complete a coaching programme with Annie and I can confidently say that I am a changed person. When I started coaching I had no set direction in my work as a creative freelancer, but now I have a strong direction, a business plan, an understanding of myself and how I am able to work towards that goal, as well as an awareness of my own personal pitfalls and the tools to avoid them or work with them.


I treasure the coaching sessions I had with Annie… she took me on a beautiful journey of self discovery that went deeper than I thought possible. It was an enlightening, empowering, and transformative experience that I feel so grateful for.


Working with Annie for the past 6 months has been a defining factor and THE game changer for my own personal growth which has reflected in my business growth. Since being coached by Annie I have turned my passion into the most rewarding, phenomenal, authentic, EPIC business where everyday I get to do what I love, yet continue to pushed out side of my comfort zone. When I grow so does my business.


Before coaching with Annie, I had a strong business vision but it was the “how” I struggled with. While coaching with Annie, my business grew so fast that I left my part time job much sooner than planned. My confidence has increased massively in who I truly am, what my passion is and my “WHY”. I am now saying YES to more opportunities that I would have turned down in the past. I am ticking off my business goals one by one, which feels effortless with Annie‘s coaching.


Annie provided me with coaching support when I needed to make a decision about my work. Annie’s coaching style is reassuring and professional. She has the ability to hold space and this is a testimony to the work I know she does to accept and understand her own self, and to refine and develop her own coaching ability. Our sessions were productive and whether I knew it at the time or not, I was well guided as Annie led me through expressing my feelings, my reality, challenging and provoking my thoughts and then moving gracefully to setting an action or goal. Facing the issues head on and getting stuff done – Loved it! You are a secret weapon! Thank you Annie!


I loved working with Annie. She’s the badass, straight- talking sister I never had – she listens intently, understands deeply and does not sugar coat when she tells you what she sees. For me, it was incredibly healing to be deeply heard and to have some truths (both pretty and not-so-pretty) reflected back to me in a way that I can receive. Annie is one of the most perceptive people I’ve ever met. The felt sense of being seen, heard, validated and championed was a welcome relief from solo wilderness wandering!


Annie is great at getting to the heart of what is holding you back and challenging you to step out and just do it! Loved my session with her today where she encouraged me by giving me permission to play and put myself and my business out there! Thanks Annie - you're a legend!


Working with Annie has been a transformative experience. I’ve got greater clarity and inspiration on a new career direction. Thank you Annie for your insights and guidance.


I am so very pleased that I chose to go through this process with you. Knowing, understanding and truly valuing my strengths will make a huge difference to me in the way I handle myself in the workplace and how I manage my career. I am in such a different place to when I first saw you. Excited and pretty relaxed too. Your sessions were insightful, connecting and fun. Thank you so very much for practicing what you preach so fucking brilliantly.


Annie has an incredible ability to take a stream of consciousness flow and summarise it succinctly and accurately. She helped me to clarify my strengths and to fully appreciate the part they play in my leadership role (and life!).


You have helped me realise that what I want from my career does not need to be dictated by others’ expectations. I now feel empowered and challenged to choose work that is the best fit for me, where I can be authentic and feel fulfilled.


I knew exactly the type of coach I was looking for, I just didn’t think I was going to get it. I’ve been criticized for my picky standards because I’m the kind of woman that likes to occupy the Hilton not a back packers. And that is what I got with Annie, The Hilton, with a built-in radar and super sonic hearing. If you want someone who knows what she is doing, how to help you identify what you need to do and genuinely knows how to connect with you, Annie is it!


Annie is amazing at what she does! She is an excellent listener, asks thought-provoking questions, and helped me get down to the core of what lights my soul on fire! I would highly recommend her


Annie's energy alone is enough to make you want to conquer the world. Coupled with her incredible insights, intuition and advice - her work feels life changing. I highly recommend having a chat with her to see for yourself.


Our sessions have given me the confidence to begin working on projects that have been in my head/heart for a long time, that until now have been relegated to the “too hard and too scary” box.


I definitely recommend Annie’s coaching sessions. Her passion for seeing people discover more about themselves and how they work (both in the world and as a single entity) is contagious. She was able to help me deeply know how amazing I am and I know she wholeheartedly believes this.


Annie Romanos is straight to the point and makes sense to me. None of this business jargon I find hard to understand. Anne speaks with heart and emotion, and she just ' gets it '. Her ability to help you see through the chaos and fuzz of owning a business and puts you back on the tracks when you feel you are derailing. I have no hesitation in saying, Annie Romanos, is a business visionary for all solo/entrepreneurs. I wouldn't hesitate to have her by my side on my own entrepreneur journey. X💝💫


Annie, your reaching out to me was so helpful. Your willingness to show up, be professional and personal at the same time, to see beyond what I was seeing and to draw out the negative beliefs really helped me to take some significant steps forward. It was obvious you were speaking from the heart, and at the same time you were coming from experience and what you saw rather than fluff or judgmentalism. It’s a blessing to know that there are people like you in the world who clearly care about others more than just money, and I really hope that your professionalism and love help you to get all the money you want, from the inside out!


Annie's wonderful way of telling it like it is, really helped me to realise my own potential and become to best version of myself. She listens intuitively to what you have to say, and gently guides you along a journey of self awareness and improvement. Thanks Annie, for reminding me to slow down & breathe - and to believe in myself x


I cannot recommend Annie highly enough - in fact I do to anyone who starts talking to me about my business. It is so valuable to have space to discuss your ideas, be heard, be cheered on and (most importantly) BE CHALLENGED. My sessions with Annie have had a long lasting positive effect on how i approach my work and when that wears off I'll be back for more.


I highly recommend Annie. Her ability to see my vision and get alongside me to get the most out of my business has been profound. She is sharp like a knife, straight to the guts of it. Which means I have a direct, clear picture of exactly what actions I take to get the results I want.


Annie really cares about her clients and is sooo easy to talk with and nut stuff out. Love her vibe! Thank u Annie 💗


Annie is incredibly passionate about helping others to see their true and full potential. She connects deeply and brings forth the strengths within, that wasn’t being recognised or utilised for optimal growth and transformation. I highly recommend Annie


My session with Annie was incredible. She has motivated me beyond belief and given me such valuable information to help transform my business. Thank you Annie!


Annie is a fantastic, clear, grounded and enthusiastic facilitator, she holds space which lends to support you to open to your self without judgement and to walk away feeling empowered and motivated . Highly recommend.


Annie has amazing energy and passion . Her workshops are inspirational – and she uses a very down to earth, real communication style which brings the strengths you discover through Wholehearted Work to life. Thanks Annie. Loved every minute of it.


I didn't have clarity on what i was asking, and Annie gently helped me navigate a path with confidence, which just 2 weeks later has enabled an amazing outcome, and new opportunities I can't wait to pursue with excitement and CONVICTION 🙂 Thank You Annie.


Before coaching with Annie, I was at an impasse, feeling frustrated with my progress. I wasn’t being honest/authentic with myself because secretly it was all a bit scary. Having the opportunity to work with Annie and seeing that my strengths match up with how I view myself was eye opening. As an artist, I realised that I can’t separate myself from my work, my work is me. The potential for my creative work is infinite. I’m so glad I worked with Annie when I did – I thought I would engage her when I was a bit further on as I have been very muddled. BUT the muddly stage is the EXACT right time to find a coach, don’t try and figure it out and then tell your coach what you’ve done…get help at the start. I feel like I have an ally in Annie and have no hesitation in working with her again.