Alignment. Why your business needs it

There’s this thing called “alignment” that I hear about in business a LOT. I’ll admit it’s so over-used and fluffy sounding, that I get irritated by the word. That and "vibes" and "showing up".


But as much as I hate the word, I dig what it stands for. And the truth is, it’s eminently practical and sensible. And I definitely stand for that.

Here’s my definition of alignment:

✔️ WHO you really are informs WHAT you do. And vice versa.

Because if you're not aligned, then WTF are you doing in business? Just go on someone else's payroll, leave work at 5, and enjoy your life.

Being in alignment in business means that the majority of stuff that we DO in our business needs to be a natural extension of who we really are.

You like being around lots of people? You get out more. You work out of a co-working space. You have more face-to-face time with human beings.

You like more time to yourself, you introvert-you? (that’s me!), you be more discerning how and who you spend your time with (for me, it’s capping sessions with clients to 2 a day).

You like working with details? You better make sure that your business and business-generating activities includes ample scope for focussing/analysing detail.

You hate details? you outsource that shit.

When you ain’t behaving and taking business-developing actions that are an extension of YOU - what you like, how you operate, your strengths, your goals, your teaching/learning styles - then, what the hell is the point in being in biz???

I see it so often girlfriend.

Us business owners that have lost the JOY in what we do. Questioning why we ever got into this in the first place.

Bogged down by stuff that doesn’t have our little entrepreneurial souls sour - beholden to a litany of HAVE’S and SHOULD’S.

Wondering why we're not making $$$.

Chasing tactics that don't "vibe" with us.

Exhausted. Joyless. Thinking we’re broken.

But the thing is this. You're not broken. Your business isn't broken.

You just forgot you have the choice. That business is created.

By you.

And the best business decisions are based on who YOU really are. Not anyone else.

You steer your ship sister.

And you have to Start With Who.

I can step you through this and 4 other key elements to help you blow up your biz, it's one of my superpowers. You can book a time with me HERE to find out how we can do that together. I give you 45 minutes of my time and I serve my arse off 😉