The Business 12 Step Programme

12 Step Business Programme - Annie Romanos

No not AA or NA... 12 steps to success for peeps with services.

I normally scoff at anyone who uses "steps" in an attempt to sell something, INCLUDING MYSELF. I'm guilty of it.

The inference is, if you just do THIS, you'll get THAT.

Asides from the argument that not one size fits all - one person's formula is another person's poison, kinda thing, the truth is, if you DO anything you'll get a result - maybe not what you hoped for, but it will be something (cause + effect).

Because the key word is "DO" here. So what happens is you opt-in/buy a formula, but sit with it intellectually. You don't follow through (loads of fears and habitual procrastination).

In the shame of my experience of multiple failures and learnings over the past 3 years in business (coming up 4, omg), here's my 12 Steps to Success Formula which could also be called The Fail to Success Action Blueprint for Business Owners.

  1. Serve your arse off doing what you do - experience is everything
  2. Charge what feels right/comfortable initially - don’t overcharge before you’re ready
  3. Clients are everywhere
  4. Your niche will appear from step
  5. Get coached/mentored
  6. Improve
  7. Put your prices up
  8. Don’t waste time tinkering with website, copy and social media posts
  9. Expect to fail. Again and again.
  10. No means Next One in the land of sales, and brings you closer to the right Yesses (#idealclients)
  11. Have your own mindset tools and practice as if your life depends on it.
  12. Have fun 🥳

I'd love to hear your thoughts on this. What would you change/tweak to this, keeping within 12?)


PS: Helping women in business brave up to take action and JFDI is one of my superpowers. You can book a time with me HERE to find out how we can do that together. I give you 45 minutes of my time and I serve my arse off 😉