YOU + ME =


YOU + ME =


YOU + ME =


One on one coaching is by far the quickest way to get results in business, especially for people who have a team of zero (I’m talking to you, solo-entrepreneurs, who love doing things your way, being creative, and being the business and brand).

When we operate from our zone of genius - doing the thing we do that people pay us for - well, by sheer meaning of the definition “zone of genius”, there’s obviously things that aren’t included in this zone.

As someone who is a small business owner that wears all the hats, having a coach is like having a silent business partner who has no vested interest in the biz other than seeing us do our best work and be our best selves. Someone objective to brainstorm with, to dream with, and to create. My job as a coach, is to help you remember and feel your power. My job as a coach is to help you create. 


Having me as a coach is having me as your partner, where you get to dream big and take the incremental steps that will get you there. It’s having a sounding board in the chaos of information overload, where you can get out of your head and into reality. It’s a safe, trustworthy relationship where you are deeply heard and seen. 

Having me as a coach is like having a high-beam laser lighting up who you really are and your unique strengths. It’s an incubator for defining and holding a vision for your self and your business. It’s a place to have courageous conversations to move the needle in your biz that far, it’s off the record!


Coaching isn’t about anyone else, except you (oh, and your clients). Who you are. Who they are. What you do best. Who you do your best with. And it’s about you taking action. Defining your most powerful actions, doing them, and seeing your income soar.


we make it happen



means that you


Will be in a business you want to be in, rather than a business you resent

Will be able to have sales conversations that are fun (yes, fun!) and effortless

Will be able to stand out in industries that are saturated and competitive

Will be able to have courageous conversations that
move the needle for you and your biz

Will be able to do your business. Your Way.

Will be able to make great decisions that are right for you, not someone else


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